The Better Business Blueprint

Transform your business in just five days

How does it feel, running your own business?


Or is it scary? Is it terrifying?

If you’ve not started yet, is the thought of it totally overwhelming?

Because although you know your job, you know exactly what you're good at, there's also so much you don't know. There's so much you don't know that you don't know.

Being a business owner is about more than just being good at your job. It's about more than delivering a fantastic service to your clients.

It's about being a manager. Understanding marketing. Making a profit. Getting good at sales.

You don't need to worry though. None of those things are particularly complicated. It's all just a matter of putting the right systems in place.

This free guide leads you through the five pieces that you need in order to make your small business a success.

As a bonus, I'll also send you the core chapters from one of the best selling small business books in the US - Mike Michalowicz's Profit First. This simple system makes sure you always make a profit, even while your tax and other expenses are covered.

So sign up now and put some solid foundations under your business.

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Your Instructor


Hi, I'm Baz and I'm a Certified Profit First Professional. My aim is to help the owners of small, independent, businesses make more profit, get more sales and, ultimately, live a better life.

Many of us were never taught the nuts and bolts of running a business. That was certainly true for me ... I quit my job and started up on my own, because I was great at what I did and I got on well with clients. And I thought that would be enough.

I soon found out it wasn't, and over a decade later, I'm here to help you learn some of the lessons that I discovered, without having to go through some of the struggles I did.

So, if you're working really long hours, evenings and weekends, if you don't feel like you're making enough money for the work you're putting in, if you can never predict where your next client is coming from ... then this is probably the place for you.

Because I've been there and I can tell you, the solutions are actually quite simple.

Lay strong foundations, put the right systems in and understand where you want to go ... and everything else falls in to place.

Course Curriculum

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?
This is a Five Day Challenge. Each day you will be presented with a video, detailing an important aspect of running your business,. This will show you what you need to know to get that part of your business running smoothly and efficiently. And then you will answer some simple questions evaluating how well you're doing on that front.
How long do I have access to the challenge?
Although this is a Five Day Challenge, once you've signed up you can return to it again and again. Lifetime access.
What will I learn?
You will learn the five interlocking systems that every business needs to run smoothly and successfully. You will be shown how to put processes in place so that you can ensure that these systems work for you - so your business starts to give you the life you really want.

Now did you say this is 100% COMPLETELY FREE Baz?

Yes, I did... I want to coach you completely for free.


Well, my goal is to make these 5 days better than anything you've ever paid for.

To be honest, I've seen what's taught online nowadays.

And it's all pretty average.

So if you let me, I want to walk you through my entire 5-step process to find build a better business.


This is a test of how much I can impress you with my free stuff.

Up until now, I haven't shown anybody outside my inner circle of paid clients this system.

And of course, if you feel like I've demonstrated that I can really help you...my hope is that you may be interested in coming on board to work directly and partner with us.

If not, that's completely OK too. Either way, you get this for free.

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